DMVF Architects had the pleasure of remodelling and extending this beautiful red-brick house in Dublin 4. The property is a protected structure and was originally an Arts & Crafts building. Our clients wanted to remodel and extend the house to create a new family home while preserving the original style of the building.

In order to re-interpret the Arts & Crafts style of the original house, we restored many historic features including: brickwork, timberwork, fireplaces, a three storey central staircase, windows and stained glass.

DMVF designed a 60sqm open plan living space to the rear of the property. The extension incorporates a set of three interlocking kitchen/living/dining spaces wrapping around a courtyard, carefully designed to allow a set of original French doors to the garden to ‘breathe’ whilst bringing light into the home and creating views that celebrate the juxtaposition of the old and the new.

The palette of materials used echo the warm earthy hues of the old house and hidden detailing and frameless openings evoke a sense that the new is carved from the old. The result is an intriguing and tactile home with a personal, crafted feel.

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  • Photographer: Ruth Maria Photography