Sustainability & Architecture

DMVF Architects provide a holistic approach to all projects within which we get involved. Sustainability is at the fore. Investigating the best way to protect the environment by reducing our CO2 emissions while providing more comfortable homes and cost effective solutions is core to our design process.

DMVF Architects specialise in sustainability via energy efficient retro-fitting of existing building and energy efficient solutions for new buildings. The majority of our portfolio involves some aspect of eco refitting of existing buildings.


Sustainability — Renewable Energy


Renewable energy resources are abundantly available in Ireland. The main sources are:

1. The Sun (Solar Energy)


2. The Wind



3. Water (Hydropower, Wave and Tidal Energy)



4. Geothermal Energy (Heat below the surface of the Earth)




5. Biomass (Wood, Waste, Energy Crops)

However, only a fraction of these resources have been tapped so far. They offer sustainable alternatives to our dependency on fossil fuels as well as a means of reducing harmful greenhouse emissions and opportunities to reduce our reliance on imported fuels.

Renewable energy resources are constantly replenished through the cycles of nature – their supply will never be exhausted. Fossil fuels, on the other hand, are finite resources. They will become increasingly scarce and expensive to extract and supplies will become concentrated in politically volatile areas of the world before reserves are finally exhausted.


A gradual shift towards sustainability using renewable energy would mean:

  • Reduced CO2 emissions

  • Secure and stable energy supply for the long term

  • Reduced reliance on expensive fuel imports

  • Investment and employment in our indigenous renewable energy projects, often in rural and underdeveloped areas


DMVF Architects have an in-house expert who is fully qualified by SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) to undertake BER assessments. The majority of our clients have benefited from sustainability and a raft of available SEAI grants which DMVF can advise upon.


DMVF Architects are able to provide an advisory service to all clients who wish to make their homes warmer, more cost efficient and less harmful to the environment. At DMVF Architects we advise as to the most cost effective solution for your home in terms of green technologies, insulation, home heating and ventilation.

For more information on sustainability and any of the information above please contact us for a free consultation at (01) 407 1080.