House and Home Feature – Clontarf Renovation

We worked with Fiona McPhilips and her husband John on their home renovation in Clontarf, Co. Dublin.


The house which dates back to the 1930’s was extended, so it opens up to the outdoors and decorated in a way that bridges the gap between old and new. House and Home spoke with Fiona about the process.

“The biggest lesson I learned from the renovation was how important it is to have an architect to oversee all aspects of the project. Many people imagine that an architect simply draws up plans and then their work is done. That part is a given. It’s when you get to the planning and construction stages that you really need a professional on your side, especially if you run into problems,” she adds. This invaluable help from DMVF, combined with Fiona’s well-considered approach to home design, is seen in every corner of this transformed house.


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